How to survive the Great Slowdown

This article is from 2012. Opinions may have changed.

On the backdrop of recent events when our beloved King Singh gave a heartbroken I-day speech, all hope seems to be lost and the media starts scaring you with impending doom; I thought I would share a few pointers that would help the selfish anarchist in you survive in the days ahead.

There are some nonsensical things we do, that are considered OK. I wouldn’t actually call it austerity measures. Think about these and see if you can stop doing them.

  1. Start cutting down on overpriced junk food. A few months ago, I saw a donation box in KFC that wanted me to donate some spare change to conquer “hunger in the world”. Makes you feel guilty, doesn’t it? I was holding that pricey burger in my hand, and I realized that I don’t actually need it.
  2. Get used to cheap transport. Once you are employed and you have the luxury of commuting in your own motorbikes and buying Air trips back and forth, its hard to imagine going back to school-days when your pocket money was a 100 Rs. ($2 in those days. Not now.) note for a month. Brush up your footboard-hanging and hitchhiking skills.
  3. Recognize your *first-world* *problems* and deal with it. When you are in your comfort zone, it’s natural that you dig up discomforts in your daily routine, and cry about it to make your life miserable. Like you never have enough time, the food in the canteen is either too spicy or not spicy enough, your broadband is not broad enough, the girls in your college/workplace are not outdoorsy enough, the beer you get is too bitter and there is no end to this rant. I have done it too; and I despise myself for doing it. Trust me you would have lots to complain about, in the future.

    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

    Go by that thought.

    Recommended watch: Into the Wild - essentially a primer course in living with no money.

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