Time is Life

This article is from 2010. Opinions may have changed.

The past few weeks of my life were the most dramatic, glorious ones. Things start getting too good for you, they happen  so fast… that, it is next to impossible to squeeze enough time out. Those were yes, the golden moments…

Childhood was great… you had a hardcore gang of 5-6 buddies, and your life mostly revolved around the innocent jokes you played. Now, you are 20, and your friend circle has expanded exponentially… you can’t miss out catching up with anyone, nor upset with negligence.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever get wary of keeping it alive, and connected. Ever wondered what it would be like to just I S O L A T E? Surely it is crazy, but is socializing any less insane?

Today I’m running away… just to spend the holiday lazing around (-_-)

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