Random acts of Kindness

This article is from 2014. Opinions may have changed.

I lost my access card to my lab.


It could have fallen anywhere in my 45 min. daily commute from my apartment to the university. I changed a bus and then took two metro trains. Practically untraceable. When I came back home, I turned my apartment inside out in vain.

The next day, I entered my lab with the help of my friend, Nasser. I asked him if losing the access card was a problem and whether I would end up paying a fine. He laughed and said, “No, it is fine. A lot of people lose it all the time.”

Getting a replacement access card was a hassle nevertheless.

I returned to my apartment, not realising I left my key hanging on the keyhole outside as I opened the door. A few minutes later, kind neighbours (who I barely knew, since I was new here), rang the bell, and handed the key to me, with a “be-careful” look.

An hour later, I went down to go to the supermarket. And hey! There it was…. MY ACCESS CARD! Somebody figured out my address by searching online (In Sweden, all your contact details are public and open to all) and returned it. It was hanging on the notice board at ground floor. There was no message.

Lost and found access card!

To the stranger, who had the heart to return my card, thank you!

Such random acts of kindness, without expecting gratitude is enough to spread happiness around the world.

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