The thin line between being a Cynic and a Critic

This article is from 2013. Opinions may have changed.

Have you seen this guy on the right, people?  “The Thinker” that’s what he’s called. Ever wondered why he’s crouching so low? Some may say he’s deep in his thought. I beg to differ. It is the weight of his preoccupation hanging on his shoulders. Can’t you see this guy is depressed?!


Knowing too much can be a pain in the neck. To be enlightened about world (read: too much of news, Facebook shares, Twitter, TV, and Googling) burdens your mind with negativity. Then, your dear friend make you sit and watch a bunch of Youtube conspiracy theories. Follows a ranting session on “how the world has gone to the dogs”, “scams”, “corporates”, and “corruption”. Keep doing that, and before you know it, you’ll end up bitter and start sneering at everything around you. Now that we have established media hype and bias, what’s your next best option? They say ignorance is bliss. So, it would have been better to not read the news, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the evening, right? WRONG! It’s no fun being a dumb retard either.

  • Choose your sources wisely. If you read the Times of India regularly and believe in all the speculations on Aaj Tak, lobotomy is your best option. (Not just these two, but I could name other lost causes.)
  • Be curious. Question. Most of the conspiracy theories and e-mail hoaxes are with “evidence” that are webpages on the Net itself. Authentic, isn’t it? I’m not asking you to Google to prove it. It’s like that line in Alchemist:  * “*When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Google will always deliver whatever you seek. Don’t mug up any such fact on the net.
  • Follow blogs and opinions by unbiased people. That my friend, is a good start to clear your head and form opinions.

Here are some “few good men”:
Noam Chomsky, Ramesh Srivats, Richard Dawkins
and many political satirists like: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Sumeet Raghavan. Do tell me if there are others of the same repute. I would be interested.

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