The Dive

This article is from 2013. Opinions may have changed.

I make it a point that I don’t let my rage take control. We all come to a tipping point at times. My friends would know that I get pissed very rarely, and as far as my memories go, there were only handful of incidents. And I regret all of them. No good comes out of an angry head. It is never fun. All it leaves are scars for life. Well, as one of my friends quoted: “One who angers you, masters you.” Can’t agree more:

The more he looked, the more he saw pain in the world yonder.
Wakes up everyday, setting the weight on his shoulders aside,
Navigate from dawn to dusk and watch the sun subside.
Unwillingly, he chased the sunset of his own life.
One more day. One more day closer.

All he yearned was to spread smiles in the journey.
Unfazed by his heartbeats, he told them what they wished to hear.
Yet once a while, he observed the fake world near
Actors, manipulators, crooks, con-artists all around him.
How he wished he could make amends, into the way it should be.
He dived into calmness of the pool around him.

Words escaped his lips, before he thought it through.
Turns back to see chaos, delivered by his words, muddying the pool.
The dirt of his doing dripped down his back as he rose.
Things won't be the same, even in his dreams.

The audience around the pool sneered aloud.
"Lie, you should, if you seek your place in this show of clown
Worn he was of pretensions and so he lived on with his
Mistaken by pride and principles, he might have been.
I ask you, my friend, would you have the courage to do the same?

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