Sheer pleasure of Going Places

This article is from 2011. Opinions may have changed.

Travelling with a rout3 map in hand is one thing.

But have you ever thought of chasing an unknown route, and you have no
idea where you will end up.
I used to do it since I was 12, with a new cycle, and all my
neighbourhood back at Aluva laid out to conquer. Just two summer
holidays later (i.e. when i turned 14) I had seen it all, I knew every
grass and gutter. I no longer felt the novelty of getting
lost… And so, I stopped doing it.

Seven long years have past. Days had become hectic for me (or so i
thought; but I was wrong). Of all these years of being in an alien
city, never did a wild thought occur to start over and wander
aimlessly. Gng places had been restricted to hangouts with friends
(not that it’s a bad thing…my mind had narrowed, if you see my

Until today.
Woke up at 6. An early breakfast. And a walk through unknown streets,
and lonely grounds. Away from traffic and madness of the city. Listen
to the birds sing. Feel the warmth of the golden sun, on a cold
morning. And smile :)

Small steps to start with. But good enough to start over.

So long computers, movies and society! World is calling.


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