“About Me? I dunno, I’m a moron”

This article is from 2010. Opinions may have changed.

Still no idea what i’m talking? These one liners may sound familiar to ya..

  1. Better u get to know me and say..
  2. try me
  3. tell me that
  4. am still discovering myself..
  5. ???

These are a few of those umpteen ONELINER “about me”s you see everyday. Frankly i’m tired of reading these self insulting statements. So why bother when you can just LEAVE the space EMPTY!

Ever wondered how often you hear her gossiping , and still won’t write a word describing themselves. Protecting one’s privacy is just a lame excuse.

(PS: i’m not being a chauvinist, i just considered “gossiping” to be  feminine territory)

 Networking is all about throwing a window open to the world. If you want to network , you must tell ppl who you are;.. and yeah, if you don’t want to do that, well you are in the wrong page.

  • An angry messed up netizen


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