House Nehru

This article is from 2014. Opinions may have changed.

It just occurred to me how similar the Nehru dynasty fits in the world of Westeros, the Game of Thrones world. You might have already guessed by now.

Yes I am talking about the all so proud House Stark.

*spoilers alert*

Rajiv Gandhi (Ned Stark) goes on a foreign trip to the south, Sri Lanka (Casterly Rock), so as to deal with regional politics. He ends up losing his life, unable to return to his home land. Becomes a legend in his nation.

Sonia Gandhi (Katlyn Stark) pushes her favourite son to lead the country.

Rahul Gandhi (Robb Stark) thrust into politics at a “tender” age, turns out to be way too emotional and inexperienced to meet the expectations of his bannermen. Loses way too many men in the elections, rendering his campaign against the BJP (Lannisters) a lost cause.

There may be more like Varun Gandhi (Theon Greyjoy) so on…



Indian National Congress is way too “honest” to be House Stark.

Winter is coming. Enjoy… Merry Xmas!

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