The never-ending yearning for the other side.

This article is from 2014. Opinions may have changed.

Yes. That is not what it stands for. The Ying-Yang is a symbol to indicate duality and balance in the nature and universe. Light and dark, summer and winter, rich and poor, wealth and penury, and so on…

Ying Yang

Now let me put you in my shoes on how I came up with this perspective. One month ago, I moved to this new place, new city, and a new life in Stockholm. The first month is always hard of course, no matter how much you have travelled, you will be in for surprises (right Jibu?). And this period, I had to live in a guestroom, from where I had to move out in 2 months’ time. This is rather unsettling and made me restless. I just wanted to get settled and be at peace asap.

But then again, hey, I thought of how it would feel like when things become routine like clockwork… that can be disheartening, as well sooner or later.

It occurred to me that the Ying-Yang can also describe the world and us. We are always like those small circles in the Ying-Yang, switching sides every now and then. You could be the white circle, surrounded by darkness, looking forward eagerly to turn to light side; and the other way around.

This has happened to me before too, I enjoyed night life and happening street of cities when I used to be at home. And soon after I started living in one of the big metros (Delhi NCR), I got sick and fed up of the monotony and consumerist culture. Nothing can beat being at home, right? Maybe. (Until you spent 6 straight months or more at home doing absolutely nothing).

Of course, it is all in our minds. This yearning keeps us pushing forward, ike an unseen force - that is the good news. This feeling is the root of all human ambitions.

Just remember, even if you find yourself like that tiny white dot covered in pitch black darkness, shine on… because, we all look up to the stars that make the night sky beautiful.

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